I love pink … but

I will start by saying I was a big pink fan before the last few months.  There was something slightly rebellious about wearing pink.  Embracing my inner pink girl,   particularly when your years are advancing a little.

But as the world has been drowned in pink  over the last few months.  There is a once-forgotten goth girl that wants to sit in the room and do her Wednesday Adams impression.


I resent my joy has been stolen.  Now pink is once again mainstream.

There was joy in wearing pink and embarrassing my girly side, but now it feels tarnished and blah.

Barbie and its Claim on Pink

First, may I say I have not seen the Barbie movie.  I have heard good things and suspect I will watch it, but this is neither pro or anti-Barbie Movie rant.

However, while I did not see the Movie,  I could not help but be pulled along in the media storm.   I was drawn into the Barbie fever and gushed over childhood memories.  But like all good sugar rushes, it started to make me feel a little sick as the pink glow wore off.

In a world full of Princesses  be a witch

At the weekend I found myself wanting to buy alternative messages to embrace my darker side.   I wanted more rebellious messages and to avoid the crowded sea of pink.  But with the older vibes, I am less goth girl and more crone.  The posters I found just had too many cats.

Not surprisingly,  if I am not cute in pink, I must gain a few cats.  That way lies the scary cat lady.

But pink has a addictive pull

That said I will not be throwing away all articles of pink in my wardrobe.  This week’s retail therapy includes a pink bag.   Pink gives me a thrill of pleasure just like too much sugar.     But in the future I may try to embrace my inner goth girl too …