But Why? … Did I start writing this blog

Starting this blog was in part a reaction to some major changes in my life and some, often emotional, reactions to those changes.  I turn 50 this year and that feels like a major change to me.    I remember turning 40 and feeling quite liberated by it.  %0 does not have quite the same ring for me.    Changes in my heal and mental health have affected me strongly over the last 12 months.

First the Perimenapause

This crept up on me like a raging volcano this year.   My reactions to situations have become volcanic and often extreme.   Thank goodness I am beginning to get control of that now but it has left a very definite crossroads in my life journey.


When I first started hearing the noise about ChatGPT it raised all my heckles.  As a writer, at least an amateur one, I have a love for both writings.    Reading has always been my safe place,  So the idea that an AI, or a natural language processing tool driven by AI technology, creating coherent and appealing prose did rub me the wrong way.  Fueled a little I suspect, by my volcanic mood swings, I  might have had a few arguments about it with colleagues.

But I am a Geek

My natural curiosity was always going to take over.  So in this blog, I will be experimenting both with dynamically created content and my curiosity about the subjects that feel key, at least to my life, at the moment.   I will use ChatGPT a bit like a 5-year-old asking all the questions I am too lazy to research.

Reviving my passion for writing

That will not stop me from writing some of the blog posts myself.  There are some experiences and ideas that I hope others will find useful that I want to get onto the digital screen,

It must also be noted I am dyslexic

I managed to get a MA in writing despite my dyslexia but I have no doubt some will feel my prose need some serious editing.

For my pleasure

In the end, this is an experiment and a little therapy.  

I hope you find something of interest but if not something else is only a click away.